The museum dedicated to the history of the Moscow Kremlin architectural complex throughout nine centuries is arranged in the halls of a unique monument of architecture — the Ivan the Great Bell-Tower. The historical and architectural exposition occupying three floors of the bell-tower is performed on a base advanced multimedia technologies, incorporating real and electronic video series. It consists of the non-conserved existent constructions and unrealised projects on the territory of the Moscow Kremlin by means of which historical views and plans of the Kremlin are projected onto the walls and vaults of the bell-tower. Real pieces of the white-stoned decor of the Kremlin buildings have been inserted into the computer reconstructions in virtual form. The final stage of the excursion is marked by a grandiose bird's eye view of the Kremlin panorama observed when standing in the upper gallery. Individual audio-guides accompanying the excursion provide full information within a survey tour.

He who has never climbed to the top of Ivan the Great, who has never had an opportunity to take in the whole of the ancient capital at one glance from end to end, who has never admired that majestic panorama, stretching almost beyond that range of vision, knows absolutely nothing about Moscow...

Mikhail Lermontov

Exposition on the 1st floor of the Ivan the Great Bell TowerExposition on the 1st floor of the Ivan the Great Bell TowerThrough-the-wall staircase in the bell-tower

The museum presents a synthesis of three expositions which include architectural fragments, selected with the ray of light, are transferred into the electronic exposition as images; highlighted details of the bell-tower interiors; electronic exposition — the projection of the images to the surfaces of the walls, which creates a real architectural space.

Exposition on the 2nd floor of the Ivan the Great Bell TowerExposition on the 2nd floor of the Ivan the Great Bell TowerBells on the 1st tier of the bell tower

The exposition is correlated with perspective views, which could be seen from the windows in different times and epochs. That is a connection of small space of the bell tower interiors with gigantic outer space of the Kremlin.