The Filaret’s Annex, directly adjoining the northern wall of the Assumption Belfry, was reconstructed simultaneously with the Belfry in 1814-1815, as they had been ruined by the French army.

Originally it was built in 1624 by architect Bazhen Ogurtsov to serve as an additional belfry for placing the giant bell. A tower-like construction with a square founding is completed with a picturesque marquee, which is richly adorned with carved white-stone details in its base. The northern side of the Annex is adjoined by a staircase tower. An architectural treatment of the façades is similar to the Bell Tower’s ones.

Drawing ‘Superposed drafts of the eastern facade of the ‘Ivan the Great ’Bell Tower due to the measuring in 1910 and stereomer of the Filaret’s Annex in 1961’ The ‘Ivan the Great’ Bell Tower and the Filaret’s Annex Marquee of the Filaret’s Annex